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I just love photography and my inspiration comes from capturing those special moments.

Vita K

I never thought that being a model 15 years ago would ultimately have me turn up on the other side of the camera. Still, I was curious and interested, so went out and purchased the camera that my biggest inspiration used. He wasn’t exactly a teacher, but certainly made a lasting impression on my style as I forged this unique career path.

I was born from an artistic family, with a father and brother that both painted. For a long time, I was torn between multiple styles; landscapes, architectural, beauty and portraits. Eventually, I realized that I needed to home in one and perfect that style. The best references for me were the Dutch artists as a Van Eyck, Jan Vermeer.

Later, for some reason, in sculpting this discipline, I was drawn toward the vision of shooting the male form and features; the character and intensity. As well, I find that I connect on a deeper level with the clients I work with, which makes the experience very enriching all the way around. More often than not, the people I shoot are coming into the studio for the first time. As you might imagine, this makes them a touch scared or anxious. However, after five minutes of working with me, they realize how easy it is in capable they are, and the final shots are a true testament to that. Not surprising, this intimate experience often unites people to develop lasting friendships down the road.

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